domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2005

Quién habla de tí?

En Planet RDF he encontrado una referencia a Talk Digger, un simpático sistema que explora quién habla de una determinada URL.

Por supuesto, lo primero que hice es buscarme a mí mismo :), y he encontrado varios blogs que me hacían divertido saber quién habla de tí.

La aplicación parece que está bien hecha y pretende usar tecnologías de web semántica, no sé si en el futuro o si ya las está usando...

El autor, Frédérick Giasson también tiene otras herramientas que parecen útiles como King Ping que sirve para indicarles a los buscadores que has actualizado un sitio web.

Me ha gustado su justificación de las razones de usar un blog:

Why am I blogging? I use my blogs as a knowledge management tool. I address the ideas that originate in my mind, good or bad, whether I have reflected on them or they arrive spontaneously. Then I discuss them with my readers who comment on these ideas. Through discussions, I will change my mind, I will find new ways to see the problems, and I will find new ideas. As a knowledge worker, tools such as RSS feeds and blogs are becoming more and more important in my professional life.

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Fred dijo...

Hi Mr. Labra,

Thanks for that post; I am really happy that you are also interested in the semantic web possible capabilities of Talk Digger. Right now there is no SW technologies used (except RSS 1.0 and the Dublin Core extension). However I am working and testing a first version of NLP module for TD (a little note on the results can be found on my blog) with which I could broadcast the resulting analysis using RDF/OWL. However, as I noted in a comment to that post, it will not be possible with the current computer/network infrastructure I have for Talk Digger. Right now it is a dream that I am working on to make it a reality.




labra dijo...

And thanks to you not just for posting a comment here, but also because you had to interpret my blog in spanish.